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Swindon Coat of Arms

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The Universal
Peace Prayer/meditation

Lead me
from Death to Life
From Falsehood to Truth
From Despair to Hope
From Fear to Trust
Lead me
from Hate to Love
From War to Peace
Let Peace fill our Heart
Our World, our Universe
Peace Peace Peace

Satish Kumar,

member of the Jain community

Faith symbols.

The Swindon Interfaith group continues to promote mutual understanding and respect between Faith groups in Swindon, forming many friendships and responding to a variety of needs in the community.

Can you match the Faith symbols to their correct Faith?  

We meet approximately 6 times a year for talks and discussions on a variety of topics, in a friendly atmosphere, with light refreshments.

We have also been involved in matters of education, social responsibility, and healthcare within the Borough.  

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2010 October: Faith Garden. Archive.


2011 August: Cricket.

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